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Our History


The café has its original roots as a bridal photography shop in the late 2000s.  In late 2014, the concept was born to convert the business into a café while retaining the unique character of the 70 year old shophouse and its vintage history.  Many of our furniture has been meticulously restored or hand assembled using vintage materials.


The environment of the café aims to evoke memories of our childhood.  With a seating capacity for over 80 persons, we provide a relaxing and comfortable place where one can catch up with friends and family.

Our Food


We specialize in providing quality desserts.  Our signature desserts are our waffles, molten lavas, brownies and cakes which are all freshly prepared.  To complement our desserts, we also offer a wide range of freshly prepared Gelato flavours, prepared using an Italian family recipe.


We offer a range of craft beer and beverages to complement our desserts.


To complete our offering, we have a selection of savoury food such as chicken wings and french fries..

Our Drinks


We take pride in preparing our coffee drinks.  Our coffee beans are freshly roasted 100% Arabica blend, selected from farms in Brazil, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Sumatra.  We offer a wide range of iced and hot coffee based drinks to meet various palates.


We carry a wide range of artisan tea, craft beer and other beverages to quench your thirst after a hearty meal.

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